Jackie Reyes Appointed as OLA Director

Jackie Reyes Directora Ejecutiva de OLA

By: Carlos Mojica

Perhaps to the surprise of some, but to the delight of many, Jackie Reyes was recently appointed as the Director of the D.C. Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (OLA). In an event held at the Frank D. Reeves Center in Washington, D.C., newly elected Mayor Muriel Bowser formally presented Reyes as the new Executive Director, along with other members of OLA’s staff before a very large and pro-Reyes crowd.

The appointment of Reyes marks the first time that any Salvadoran is at the helm of OLA, making this a historic achievement for the Salvadoran community in D.C., a community for which Reyes has actively advocated throughout her career.

Reyes’ previous experience includes serving as the Director of Latino Affairs and Community Outreach for former Councilmember Jim Graham. During this period, Reyes led several initiatives, including a gang prevention project which helped to reduce street violence.

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